The Mindful Thoughts

A storyteller isn’t a storyteller until he escapes from his imagination and pendown his thoughts.
                                    Huda Shadab
The Mindful Thoughts is a themed anthology, on the theme “biggest fear”.It is a collection of short stories penned down by aspiring writers , in which each story will give a reader some impact, how fear challenges a storyteller to deal with it in a negative or a positive way.
So, come along with me in this roller coaster ride of thoughts.

The Mindful Thoughts ( an anthology)

Hello, all my aspiring writers , here i am with my first themed anthology
“The Mindful Thoughts “
The motive of making an anthology is to encourage every upcoming writer to showcase their work! Writing is an art, a writer expresses his/her imagination through writer and we are all writer!
So,come join in making an anthology
and promote your valuable work!
Some instructions regarding publishing book:
1.It’s  a theme anthology so the theme is “biggest fear”. It can be fiction or non-fiction , its upto you. You should write a story which reflects about how one can deal with his/her fear, the outcome can be negative or positive.
2.Story limit- 1300-1400 words
3.Mail your work –
4.We will contact you ones you’re selected.
As all the selected writers will be a part of this anthology, so as a token of thank you,
Every selected writer we get:
a-    Three 3 complimentary copies
b-    A thank you letter.
c-    10 Publication Bookmark
d-    Congratulations certificate
e-     Intro poster of yours!
So, why waiting just pendown your mesmerising story and join us in this new journey of writing ❤
For any queries contact me on