About us

Welcome to Rock Pigeon Publication

We are one of the most recognized names in the publishing.

Publishing means to bring something in light and we bring books in light by marketing, we also promote writers and improve there personalty  and support them at every point.

We are expertise both in retailing and distribution of books, besides publishing quality literature.

With our strong digital and online presence –the strongest among Indian Publishers-and our robust RPP books club,we hopes to stay connected with you and fulfill your needs at all times.

Rock Pigeon Publication also publish a magazine.

All books of RPP published into e-books and is available to readers across the world. Further, RPP in a special partnership with Amazon Kindle, and gets direct access to Amazon’s millions of customers and has a major stake in all the marketing and merchandising campaigns with premium visibility. This exclusive partnership ensures that all RPP books are made available on Amazon’s subscription program which helps reach out to non-traditional book buyers.

We have best marketing team and for every book we make separate strategies to increase sale. 


With the wide selection of great books we are publishing , we hope we’ll entertain, engage and delight you.